OK, so you’ve chosen the colour, worked out what the project is going to look like, mapped, measured and planned the space…now it is time to start work. Let the fun begin!

Obviously, cutting your benchtop to size is going to be critical. Remember the old adage – measure twice, cut once! Don’t rush into it, or things are likely to go wrong, which can cost you a whole lot of time and money. Plan each step of the job ahead of time, and think of all the steps you’ll need to take in the process.

Firstly, measure very precisely, and mark up with a pencil where the benchtop needs to be cut. Then, take your masking tape, and carefully mask the line in the spot where you have marked it to be cut. Just so there can be no confusion later, it is best to now re-mark the line to be cut once again, so that it is clearly visible before the actual cutting begins.

Next up, find a solid, straight surface with an edge that you can use to cut on.  Place your LITESTONE™ stone benchtop along the line where you need to cut. Clamp the straight edge down tightly and securely, so that there is no movement. If you’re concerned about marking either surface (depending on the sort of clamps you are using), place small bits of cardboard or scrap timber between the clamp and the stone benchtop.

Remember to allow for the distance on the guide of your circular saw, by placing the circular saw against the straight edge, and making sure the blade is directly in line with the line that you intend to cut.

Fire up the cordless circular saw, and gently wet cut along the line as marked. Remember that only wet-cutting is acceptable for shaping quartz-based stone benchtops like LITESTONE™.

Use firm, smooth pressure to guide the saw along your cut. Never force the saw, but rather it should be gently guided along the line.

When reaching the end of your cut, SLOW RIGHT DOWN to cut the edge of the benchtop to achieve a perfect cut. Moving the blade too fast to the finish of the cut may result in splintering or a rough finish.

And that is it! You have now cut your stone benchtop to size, and it is time to get gluing…