Installation of LITESTONE™

Cut – Out for Sink and Hotplate

  1. Place sink or hotplate, template in position and outline with a pencil where it needs to be cut.
  2. Remember to allow for the lip, and make sure of the position, that it is correct where it needs to be cut.
  3. Using a masking tape. Mask the lines as outlined to be cut.
  4. Retrace the lines to be cut, over the masking tape, so as they are clearly visible.
  5. Now make a hole with your drill, on a board to use as a guide for drilling.
  6. Now place the board, in one of the corners as marked.
  7. Clamp the board down to secure it so as there is no movement.
  8. Now drill the hole right through the Benchtop.
  9. Repeat this step on all 4 Corners.
  10. You should now have all 4 holes drilled in every corner.
  11. Now using your Cordless Circular Saw, wet cut along the marked straight lines from hole to hole.
  12. Repeat this step until all 4 lines have been cut.
  13. If your Saw has not cut right through the Benchtop, you can flip the Benchtop over and cut the backing with a Stanley Knife.
  14. Turn over your Benchtop again, to be with face up, gently push the cut out section and the sink or hotplate section will be exposed.

Electric Cooktops (freestanding or bench mounted) & Induction Cooktops
For both electric and induction cooktops we recommend a minimum 50 mm clearance from the back edge of the cooktop to the LITESTONE™ splashback.

Gas Cooktops (freestanding or bench mounted)
For gas cooktops we recommend a minimum 200 mm clearance from the periphery of the gas burner to the LITESTONE™ splashback as per the AS/NZS Standards, AS/NZS 4386.2:1996 Domestic Kitchen Assemblies – Installation



Easy to install lightweight stone benchtops & Splashbacks.

Low Cost

Stone Bench tops for the price of laminate

DIY & Trades

Perfect for the home renovator, handyman & trades. DIY friendly, for same day install.


Where can I use LITESTONE™

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Shower Walls and Feature Walls.
Use as a Benchtop or Splashback.

World's 1st DIY STONE Benchtop

LITESTONE™ is the only lightweight stone product in the world you can pick up in store, take home, cut to required size (if needed) and install yourself all on the same day.

LITESTONE™ is Proudly Australian

For added peace of mind all LITESTONE™ quartz multi-purpose products come with a 10 year Warranty