Once you have chosen your colour scheme and wet-cut the benchtop to size, it is time to establish what other functionality the kitchen is going to need. Obviously, a hole for the sink is a very common requirement, and it is often necessary to include a stove or hotplate in the equation as well. If you need to know the best way of doing this safely and accurately, read on!

First, you need to place the template for the sink or hotplate in the desired position on the stone benchtop, and outline with a pencil where it needs to be cut. Remember to allow for the lip, and mark out your cut in the correct position with this in mind.

Then, use masking tape to mask the lines you have outlined to be cut. Retrace the lines to be cut over the top of the masking tape, so that they are clearly visible.

Now take out a board, and make a hole with your drill to use as a guide for drilling. Place the board in one of the corners of the marked-up area, as positioned by the template. Clamp the board down to secure it so that there is no movement, then drill the first hole right through the benchtop. Repeat this step on all four corners of the area you need to cut out for the sink or hotplate.

Next, using your cordless circular saw, wet cut along the marked straight lines from the hole you have just drilled, along to the next hole.

Repeat this step until all four lines have been cut.

If your saw has not cut right through the benchtop, you can flip the benchtop over and cut the backing with a Stanley Knife.

Turn over your benchtop again so that it is face up, and gently push the cut-out section. The perfect size and shape for your sink or hotplate will now be exposed!