Installation of LITESTONE™

Tap Hole and Power Point cut out

  1. Using your pre drilled board as a guide.
  2. Clamp down so there is no movement.
  3. Drill wet where required for your tap hole or power point.
  4. Drill wet several holes to achieve the required opening for power point.
  5. You can also use a Cordless Grinder wet cutting to do this step if required.


Easy to install lightweight stone benchtops & Splashbacks.

Low Cost

Stone Bench tops for the price of laminate

DIY & Trades

Perfect for the home renovator, handyman & trades. DIY friendly, for same day install.


Where can I use LITESTONE™

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Shower Walls and Feature Walls.
Use as a Benchtop or Splashback.

World's 1st DIY STONE Benchtop

LITESTONE™ is the only lightweight stone product in the world you can pick up in store, take home, cut to required size (if needed) and install yourself all on the same day.

LITESTONE™ is Proudly Australian

For added peace of mind all LITESTONE™ quartz multi-purpose products come with a 10 year Warranty