Congratulations of your purchase of the LITESTONE™ product, supplied as detailed in the Warranty Registration Form provided.

In order to have your Warranty Registered, you must fill out the Warranty Form in Full, in our online registration, within 28 days of your purchase.

LITESTONE™ is the manufacturer and supplier of the LITESTONE™ product that has been recently purchased by the Named person as filled out in the Warranty Registration Form.

Subject to the completion of the Warranty Registration Form, and its returned to our offices for registration, LITESTONE™ provides to you the following  ten (10) year warranty in respect to your LITESTONE™ product.

Warranty on LITESTONE™ product

1. LITESTONE™ warrants that the LITESTONE™ product that it has sold to the Named person in the Warranty Registration Form, will remain for a ten (10) year period, from the date of purchase, free from any defects arising from the process of manufacture of the LITESTONE™ product.

Exclusions from LITESTONE™ Warranty

2. This Warranty does not cover any damage that is caused to the LITESTONE™ product arising from any work that is carried out on the LITESTONE™ product.

  • (a) This Warranty does not cover any damage that is caused to the LITESTONE™ product, by using inappropriate work methods to cut, drill, install or affix the LITESTONE™ product.
  •  (b) This Warranty does not cover any damage to the LITESTONE™ product caused by heat damage including the placement of any heated pots, trays or any other such heated objects on to the LITESTONE™ product. Heat damage also includes sun    exposure where the LITESTONE™ product is inappropriately used in any outdoor application, swimming pool or any other application which exposes the LITESTONE™ product to ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, flames or excessive heat.
  • (c) This Warranty does not cover any damage that is caused to the LITESTONE™ product, by the failure to clean the LITESTONE™ product using the recommended cleaning substances being warm water and mild detergent with non-abrasive cloth. Strong cleaning agents and abrasive scrubbing cloths are not suitable for the cleaning of the LITESTONE™ product.
  • (d)  This warranty does not cover any damage to the LITESTONE™ product caused by:
    • (i) The placing of heavy weights on the LITESTONE™ product;
      (ii) Persons standing or jumping on the LITESTONE™ product;
      (iii) Collisions that occur between the LITESTONE™ product and other heavy objects during transportation or otherwise;
      (iv) The dropping of the LITESTONE™ product;
      (v) The dropping of heavy objects onto the LITESTONE™ product;
      (vi) Any other inappropriate stress being applied to the LITESTONE™ product which could cause it to sustain damage.
  • (e) This Warranty does not cover any damage arising from using the LITESTONE™ product for flooring or in any outdoor application which is an inappropriate use for this LITESTONE™ product.

LITESTONE™ liability to you under this Warranty

3. LITESTONE™ liability to you for any breach of this Warranty is limited to replacing the LITESTONE™ product or paying the cost of replacing the LITESTONE™ product that is found to be in breach of Warranty.
(a) In providing this Warranty, LITESTONE™ excludes any liability on its part for consequential loss of any kind arising from loss of use of the LITESTONE™ product.

Time for making a claim
4. Any claim under this Warranty must be made in writing within twenty eight (28) days after you become aware of any damage to the LITESTONE™ product that may give rise to a claim under this Warranty.

Written notices must be sent to the current business postal address which is presently:

Level 1, Suite 1
24-26 Carter Street
Lidcombe, NSW 2141



Easy to install lightweight stone benchtops & Splashbacks.

Low Cost

Stone Bench tops for the price of laminate

DIY & Trades

Perfect for the home renovator, handyman & trades. DIY friendly, for same day install.


Where can I use LITESTONE™

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Shower Walls and Feature Walls.
Use as a Benchtop or Splashback.

World's 1st DIY STONE Benchtop

LITESTONE™ is the only lightweight stone product in the world you can pick up in store, take home, cut to required size (if needed) and install yourself all on the same day.

LITESTONE™ is Proudly Australian

For added peace of mind all LITESTONE™ quartz multi-purpose products come with a 10 year Warranty