Trouble shooting Questions & Answers.

All Quartz based materials contain resins, and therefore maybe subject to slight variance of + or – 1-2mm in length, width and height.

This is normal with all stones and it is easily fixed.

Q: What do I do if there is a slight difference in height.
A: To adjust and fix the height tolerance, both front and back, use ‘packers’ to build up to the required level. Use packers with 1mm increments of thickness.

Q: What to I do if the 2 front edges don’t line up.
A: Assess which is the higher edge, and than with sandpaper gently rub the underside of that edge along the strip until your level is achieved.

Q: What do I do if the 2 joints to be glued are not lining up or level.

1. Use our recommended “Suction Cup Adjustable Leveller”.
You may require more than one Suction Cup Adjustable Leveller

Assess the level of the joint and decide where adjustment will need to be made, by examining the front edge of the joint .

If the joint is not level the levelling bolts on the joint that is the highest should be lowered down so that they are resting on the surface of the benchtop.

Slowly lower the bolts to bring the benchtop pieces level. Only small movements will be necessary, so do not over tighten.

 2.  What if I don’t have a “Suction Cup Adjustable Leveller”.

Use a straight edge on both sides of the 2 edges you need to glue together. Clamp down the edges on both sides by tightening slowly on the clamps. This will straighten the benchtop and bring the joints level.

Q: How can I get a seamless joint, when joining 2 pieces or panels.
A: Use our recommended “Suction Cup Adjustable Leveller”.

Apply the “Suction Cup Leveller” over the 2 joints that need to be glued together. Squeeze the button on the side of the suction cup until it grips tight onto the benchtop. Repeat on the other side. Then turn leaver very slowly. This will slowly bring both edges together. Once glue is applied, the joint will be seamless.



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